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Cookies Policy

Our site respects your privacy and tries to gather only your data, which is necessary for its proper operation, while ensuring a very high level of experience of its use. While cookies on their own can not search or process your information or search your computer, they store your personal information about the website's traffic history. For this purpose we inform you about the use of cookies on our website and we affirm that we are trying to be as safe as possible with the least possible interference with your privacy.

How and why we use cookies
We use cookies on our site to improve the security and experience of using it. Some of the cookies we use allow you to choose how you access our site, connect to our online services, fill in the online forms used by our website and contact us. The text you read "cookies policy" explains in simple terms what cookies are, what cookies we use, how we use them and how to manage them. You realize that it is not technically feasible to provide you with the option to activate / deactivate selectively the cookies of the site. By browsing the site you consent to the use of the cookies it uses. However, you can modify the browser settings you use to browse the internet to greatly restrict the use of cookies (see "How to manage cookies" below).

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your computer, smartphone, or other device used to access the Internet whenever you visit a website. Cookies are in principle necessary because they allow a website to recognize a user's device and to adapt its content to it. For example, the site remembers your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size, and other display preferences) for a time, so you do not have to enter these preferences each time you visit the site or another page in him. If you want to know more about cookies with it you can visit one of the specialized websites such as

Cookies are not viruses. They are not code fragments. Therefore, they can not multiply and spread to other networks. Since they can not perform these functions, they do not fall into the standard definition of the virus.

Which cookies we use
All cookies we use are necessary for the operation of our website and the services it offers or for the improvement of its usage experience, according to the European Commission guidelines according to the applicable legislation (more here: http: // ec. Certain cookies are necessary to provide the electronic services of our website and therefore their use is impossible without them. The necessary Cookies we use are:

Session cookies
These are cookies that allow users to identify the site and record the options, fields or information you use during your session. They remain on your computer or mobile device during your visit and are deleted when you close your browser.

Some other cookies concern the functionality and analysis of our website's traffic in order to receive information and improve the experience of using our website or to offer you content tailored to your needs. The cookies used by our website for this purpose are as follows:

The uvc cookie is one of the cookies used to track the use of Allows a user to share a site with multiple social networking sites.

Analytical / performance cookies.
These allow us to recognize and count visitors and see how visitors use our site when they visit. These cookies allow us to improve the way our site works, for example by ensuring that users find it easy to search for.

How can you manage cookies?

Most Desktop Browsers, smartphones and other Web-enabled devices are pre-configured to accept cookies. However, all browsers have embedded privacy settings that provide different cookie acceptance levels or the time they are saved after a user has visited a specific site.

If you want to modify your cookie preferences for this site or for other sites, you can do so through your browser settings. To see how this can be done, search the "Help" / "Help" options in your browser. Each browser has a different way in which you can disable / block cookies.

However, please note that some of the cookies are necessary for the operation of our website and the services it offers. If you choose to disable certain cookies, this is likely to affect how our site works. In this case, we are not responsible for any failures in the services offered by our site.

You can easily accept or reject cookies on this site by selecting one of the following links: I accept cookies / I refuse cookies.

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